Writers and poets

The Syriac Heritage Museum dedicates a corner for presenting the achievements of the most prominent Syriac poets and writers from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day, along with their brief biographies. It is noticeable in this section that the leadership in the novel, the story and many other literatures are recorded by the Syriacs who presented the first plays, and the first Syriac play is (Aster Malekatha – Queen Aster) by Bishop Estephan Kajo in 1912, and the first biography written by a woman belongs to the Babylonian Princess Marie Therese Asmar .
In this part of the museum, you will get acquainted with the best of the Syriac poets and writers, and you will understand their pioneering role in many cultural aspects. You will also see the contributions of important senior writers such as Yonan Hozaya and Saadi Al-Maleh, for whom the museum dedicates a special corner.