Syriac Press

If we consider the clay figures on which the ancient Mesopotamian recorded his news, his diaries, his achievements and his victories, especially the cuneiform texts that the Assyrian kings used to write down and include in them their names, their urban achievements and their military campaigns, known as (the Assyrian Annals), the first press that our ancestors knew thousands of years ago, then the issuance of a newspaper “ Zuhairi D-bahra – Rays of Light” on the 1st of November 1849, announcing the birth of the contemporary Syriac press, thus winning the precedent for the newspaper over (Zawraa 1869 AD) and (Kurdistan 1898 AD) newspapers.
In addition, the leadership of the feminist press in Iraq is registered in the name of a leading Syriac Mosulian, as the researchers confirm that the feminist press began with the issuance of the first issue of (Laila) magazine, which was issued and headed by Paulina Hassoun, in 1923 and continued to be published until 1925.
There is also a” Fatat al-ArabArab girl” newspaper. Published by Maryam Nerma, which has “tall-kayfian” origins in 1937, to serve and educate women, and many other female pioneers.
The Syriac Heritage Museum sheds light on the pioneers of the Syriac press and the most prominent actors in this field.


1973 – ongoing Quarterly, cultural and heritage magazine. Issued in January 1973 and is still published. […]

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