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Syriac Heritage Museum

The Syriac Heritage Museum in Erbil welcomes visitors of all ages and invites them to imagine, design and implement the future. Take part in a journey to explore new horizons of the future and bring hope and knowledge back to our present.

The mural also addresses the entrance of Islam, then the Rashidun, Umayyad, then Abbasid, down to the dark periods and the era of the Ottoman Empire. The mural also allocates an important part to talk about the sayfo massacres of 1915.

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Although you may not be able to travel and visit us, you can still enjoy a virtual visit through this website of the museum, where you can now travel without a passport, to see its holdings and have a look at all the items that our museum offers the opportunity to see and learn about, in its various corners and sections that consists of: (agricultural, household, cultural, musical and historical, in addition to the folk costumes section and many other sections).