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Since the concept of museum education appeared in 1979 AD when the International Council of Museums (ICOM) held the first conference to define it, museum education has spread in many museums of the world, followed by museum education departments, and educational programs have been designed for it. Thus, the role of museums is no longer confined to that classical or traditional one in preserving, displaying, maintaining and restoring antiquities. Rather, museums have risen to be educational institutions interested in preparing and implementing various educational and cultural programs and activities aimed at conveying knowledge related to museum topics in an interesting and attractive manner and in a form of pleasure, that makes the museum a place of scientific knowledge, helping the members of society to understand the antiquities and heritage of their nations.
Therefore, in the Syriac Heritage Museum, we adopt a policy of modernizing and developing the museum to be a suitable educational environment for spreading museum awareness and defining the importance of the Mesopotamian cultural and civilizational heritage and preserving it, by enriching the culture of its visitors from students in various fields, and trying to give them experiences in a new environment, as well as providing a unique environment for teachers to teach Wide range of topics.

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